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Why is it worth walking with iGuideYou?

Well, let’s be honest: in Budapest there are so many tourism options to choose from, it is not easy to decide which one to try.
As a deep Budapest lover tour guide, a local and a real foodie I am happy to show you my wonderful city. I’d love to believe my tours are a little bit different than the rest, but why?

Private guided tours

Because I do it private

I believe in the power of private tours, where you have the chance to really understand the city. Honestly I love the intimacy of private tours, I am always open for big conversations!


Because I do it flexible

Even though there is a recommended starting time, we start when you wish to. Just let me know your thoughts and we will discuss it.

Food tasting during the tour

Because I'll show you the best food in town

I know it is not easy to decide where to eat while travelling, so I will show you the local spots, market halls spiced with Hungarian food examples. I promise you won’t leave hungry!

All-inclusive walking tours

Because with me it’s all-inclusive

Food, tickets, entry fees, so many expenses, but I have a good news: with me you do not have to worry about them! During the tour everything is included!

Choose Your

Perfect Tour

Discover the beauty of Budapest with me. Choose your favourite tour from the list and find the best suits you! Private guided tours with a unique touch for a real Budapest experience!

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If you have any question, feel free to ask!

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