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A little more about my tours

Let’s be honest: in Budapest there are so many tourism options to choose from, it is not easy to decide which one to try. I’d love to believe my tours are a little bit different and they are able to show you my lovely Budapest through the locals’ eye.

Meet your guide in Budapest!
Private guided tours

Private experiences

Imagine discovering Budapest on a private guided tour. No more groups, no more waiting, only you and your loved ones plus me, your local friend. I believe in the power of private tours where you can ask all of your questions and walk in a city like a local!


Flexible timing

Scheduling your travel can be challenging sometimes, I know, but I have a good news: on a private tour, you don't need to worry about strict timing, we start when you plan. Don't waste your precious time, see more from Budapest instead!

All-inclusive walking tours

Tailor-made itnerary

Has it happened yet that you only discovered something on your last day accidentaly? If only you would know about a bit before. That's why I will ask you about your desires, preferences, hobbies in advance, so I can tailor the tour for you!


No hidden extra costs

During the tour you don't have to worry about hidden extra costs. Public transport tickets, food examples, coffee break, entry fees are also included! You can check the inclusions under the tour description and enjoy Budapest without surprises!

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If you have any question, feel free to ask!

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