The bunny from the "Kockásfülű nyúl" tale

The hidden mini statues of Budapest

Budapest like all the cities has it’s secrets only the locals know about. Have you heard about the mini statues of Budapest? This post will reveal the secrets of the tiny bronze statues scattered across Budapest. Enjoy the little things and see Budapest like never before.

Once upon a time there was a Hungarian sculptor, Mihály Kolodko (Mihail Kolodko), who was born in Transcarpathia (Uzhgorod) but moved to Budapest a few years ago. He had many ideas, but preparing a huge bronze statue costs a lot so he decided to surprise his new hometown and the city dwellers with really creative mini bronze statues. Now he truly believes that “small things matter” and locals love to find his new statues, like a treasure hunt. Honestly I love his work and enthusiasm to create something different. The way he and his statues connect people are amazing. Let’s start the hunt, don’t miss to find all of his miniature statues in Budapest!


Főkukac in front of the Parliament
"Főkukac" can enjoy one of the best views of Budapest

Did you know that in Budapest a really cute 15 cm high tiny worm watching the sunset and sunrise every day in front of the Parliament building? This tiny worm is the main character of a Hungarian tale, the “Nagy ho-ho-ho-horgász”, “The Big Ho-Ho Angler”, a tale about a Fisherman and his best friend, the worm. They had many funny adventures together during the years. It was one of the favourite tales of a generation in the 1990’. Locals’ love the first miniature statue of Kolodko. During winter this tiny bronze worm get cap and scarf not to catch a cold. Cute isn’t it?

Location: On Buda side on the walking promenade along the river at the upper embakment around Bem rkp. 15.

Rubik's cube

Rubik's cube in front of the Parliament building

Did you know that the worldfamous Rubik’s cube is a Hungarian invention? It was invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974. Rubik’s magic cube is well known everywhere around the world and you know: there is always a solution!

Location: On Buda side in front of the Parliament building, near one of the stars leading you to the lower embankment.

Tiny tank

The tiny mini tank of Budapest
The tiny miny tank of Budapest

Why do we have a tiny bronze tank on the river bank? Well it’s a symbol of the WWII when all of the Budapest bridges were bombed and we had permanent replacing bridges for a while like the Kossuth or Manci bridges. 

Location: On Buda side in front of the Parliament building next to the memorial monument of the Kossuth bridge.

The rabbit

The rabbit with the checkered ears
One of my favourite childhood tales too

The rabbit with the checkered ears “Kockásfülű nyúl” is a cute Hungarian tale of the 1990’. The main character, the rabbit observed the kids with it’s telescope, and if they were in trouble, the bunny flew there and solved the problem. One of my favourite tales too. 

Location: on Buda side up in the Castle District, near the Royal Palace and the Funicular’s entrance.

Mekk Elek

Mekk Elek az ezermester in Budapest
The statue of Mekk Elek is beloved by the locals

“Mekk Elek az ezermester” is a Hungarian tale about a goat handymen who was a bit silly but who could fix everything on a fun way. One of Kolodko’s favourite tales from the 1990’.

Location: on Buda side at the Széll Kálmán sqaure, near the tram stops, close to the biker’s lane.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa SImpson Budapest
Meet my new friend Lisa Simpson in Budapest

Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons family is a quiet new mini statue of Budapest, but somebody has alreday tried to steal it. Easy to pass by, but once you recognise, you never forget.

Location: on Pest side at the Jászai Mari square tied up on an electric pole behind a flower shop.

Dead squirrrel

The dead squirrel guerilla statue of Budapest
What happened with the squirrel? Let's find out!

Nobody knows the real story behind but you can find this tragic mini statue around the statue of Columbo (Peter Falk) and his dog. One thing you can be sure about, the famous detectictive has to find out one more mistery.

Location: behind Columbo’s statue on the Falk Miksa street near the Jászai Mari square.

Kermit the frog

Kermit the frog in Budapest
Meet the frog, Kermit from the Muppet Show

Kermit the frog one of the main characters of the Muppet Show is sitting in front of the former Headquarter of the Hungarian Television facing to the US Embassy, since the Muppet Show was an English-American series. What should an everyday frog do if the Muppet Show has ended? For sure it goes back to the nature to the park like a frog. What a deep idea behind! I like it, what about you?

Location: on Pest side at the Liberty square next to the fence of the walking promenade in front of the entrance to the parking garage.

The mini moon buggy

The moon buggy of Budapest
Can you imagine a better location than the Moon street?

Why does Budapest have a miniature Lunar Rover in Moon street (Hold utca)? Well, the first moon buggy was invented by an amazing and talented Hungarian born engineer, Ferenc Pavlics who escaped to the US after the 1956 Revolution and worked for NASA. He created the first time a special lightweight but whippy wheels of the moon buggy to function on the lunar surface. His invention was succesfully used in 1971 during the Apollo 15 mission of the US. 

Location: on Pest side, in Moon street (Hold utca), close the Market Hall’s entrance.

“Libidó” - The balloon dog

The balloon dog
Not so easy to find the bronze balloon dog in Budapest

The tiny balloon dog statue of Budapest is a really interesting mini statue of Kolodko symbolises the art of Jeff Koons, who created huge balloon animals from stainless steel and became one of the most famous (and expensive) modern artists nowadays. His first wife was a Hungarian lady, have a look at the bones in front of the dog, you’ll see something surreal!

Location: on the Danube Promenade on Pest side next to the tram line in front of Intercontinental Hotel.

“The mini Tivadar Herzl / Theodor Herzl

The mini statue of Theodor Herzl
Theodor Herzl's mini statue near the Great Synagogue

Tivadar Herzl or Theodor Herzl was a Jewish Austro-Hungarian journalist, political activist and writer who is also called as the “spritual father of the Jewish State”. Herzl was born in Budapest, but to find out where, you have to find his mini statue!

Location: in front of the Great Synagogue, at Herzl Tivadar square on a lamp post.

The miniature statue of Rezső Seress

The mini statue of Seress Rezső
Seress Rezső's "Gloomy Sunday" travelled all around the world

Once upon a time there was a pianist who was asked to write a lyrics. I am sure he would never guess but he created a song that inspired many people for suicide. Rezső Seress’ song the “Gloomy Sunday” traveled everywhere around the world and was translated to more than 100 languages.

Location: on the wall of the Small Pipe (Kispipa) Pub, where Rezső Seress used to perform.

The diver & the key of the New York Café

The diver & the key of the New York Café
The diver & the key of the New York Café

This brand new mini statue of Budapest has a really cute urban legend behind. When the New York Café opned in 1894 one of the famous Hungarian writers told: “Now I will throw the key of the café to the river Danube so the New York Café will be never closed”. That’s why we see the key in the diver’s hand. So funny 🙂 

Location: on Pest side, next to the New York Café.

The fourteen-carat car

The not so mini fourteen-carat car of Budapest
The not so mini fourteen-carat car of Budapest

This not so small bronze car symbolise the work of the Hungarian novelists Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard). One of his books is called as “The fourteen-carat car” and the mini statue is located really close to his birthplace.

Location: on Pest side, near the Hungarian Theatre, Rejtő Jenő street.

The mini Noah’s Ark

Miniature Noah's Ark appeared in Budapest
Brand new Kolodko statues appeared in Budapest

This bronze ministatue is what it seems, Noah’s Ark. Don’t miss to see the rainbow inside, which was a sign for the end of the flood. Really creative installation! If you see it after sunset, use the light of your phone to admire the rainbow inside.

Location: on Pest side, near the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, at Bethlen square

The urinal

The miniature urinal at the City Park
The mini urinal behind the Vajdahunad Castle in Budapest

Many times I ask my guests during my walking tours what do they think what is the story behind this tiny bronze urinal on a really beautiful part of Budapest and they have no idea. I can understand, it’s not obvious. This statue is the symbol of Marcel Duchamp’s work who believed that any common thing can be art. Once he sent a urinal for a big international exhibition, you can imagine the people’s reaction. I think that this urinal can be a symbol of the public toilet situation in the City Park too. 

Location: on Pest side, behind the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park near the sunbathing banches.