Spring Budapest

Budapest bucket list – spring edition

Awaking nature, singing birds, blooming trees and that sweet smell around everywhere. Yes, spring has officially arrived to Budapest. In every season Budapest offers a wide range of activities, but spring has always been special. Let’s see what the locals do during springtime around Budapest. TOP 10 spring activities that you shouldn’t miss while in Budapest:

#1 A walk along the “Wild Cherry Promenade”

Up in the Castle District there is a magical promenade. Every April the wild cherry trees starting to blossom on the Árpád Tóth Promenade so this beauty can be seen only for a limited time. Walking along the cobblestoned streets and the pink, sweet-smelling trees, a memory for a lifetime. If you would love to see more from the Castle District let’s join to my Game of Crowns tour and explore the hidden gems with me.

#2 Pedal boating in the City Park

After the long winter months everybody dreams about being outside in the nature. Behind the Heroes’ Square there is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the mild weather. Let’s rent a pedal boat, feed the ducks and spend a fun day outside. Unique experience with scenic view of the Vajdahunyad Castle.

#3 Sakura feast in the Botanical Garden

Every year there is a traditional Japanese event called “Ohanami” in Budapest, when the Japanese cherry trees blossoming at ELTE Fűvészkert (Botanical Garden).  On 6-7 and 13-14 April they surprise you with programs (concerts, performances…) but according to the Japenes traditions you can sit on the grass and have a picnic with city dwellers.

#4 Exploring the Garden of Philosophy

When I say Citadel or Liberty statue, you may know where they are. But hidden in the green on Gellért Hill above the Elizabeth Bridge there is the locals’ paradise. Far from the crowd and the groups you can enjoy lovely view of Budapest. A perfect place to sit down and enjoy the first strings of sun with your loved ones.

In the meantime you can see the statues of the Garden of Philosophy, illustrating famous thinkers and religious figures. Jesus Christ, Buddha and Gandhi can be seen there for a “Better Understanding of Each Other”. 

Behind the garden you have the chance to see the reunion of Prince Buda and Princess Pest from bronze with a magical scene behind.

#5 Sunset stroll at Nehru Part

A short stroll south from the Great Market Hall and you find yourself at Nehru Part, next to the Bálna. This is a nice parkland with city dwellers lying on the grass, having picnic, doing yoga or chit-chatting. Plan your walk at sunset, you won’t be disappointed! It’s a lovely local place far from the tourists.

#6 Breezy ride with the chairlift

On a beautiful spring day there is no better choice then seeing the awaking colourful nature. Enjoy a thrilling ride on the Budapest chairlift, take a short hike in the woody area. Make a trip to the Elizabeth Lookout Tower and admire amazing views of the city. Perfect program for a perfect day, operating all year long.

#7 Collecting mini statues

“Enjoy the little things”- absolutely true when roaming around Budapest. If you love noticing details don’t miss the opportunity to find all the tiny bronze statues scattered across Budapest. The 15cm-high cartoon worm, a tiny bronze tank or the bunny with her telescope will definitely put a smile on your face. Would love to know more about these statues? My next post about the guerrilla statues of Budapest is coming soon.

#8 Visiting Sunday markets & picnic outside

Good weather means fresh veggies and juicy fruits to me. On Sundays, some of Budapest’s ruin bars turn into a colourful market place with all the fresh ingredients you dreamed about. Freshly baked breads, cheeses, sausages, syrups, jams, chutneys, veggies and fruits are waiting for you to buy them all and have a picnic outside. My favourite Sunday market is “Pancs” in the lovely 9th district.

#9 Street art discovery

Budapest is a really colourful city. During spring in the mild weather a city discovery is always a good choice. Roaming around the Jewish District never forget to turn back or look up, amazing murals are waiting for you to discover. If you need a local guide to find them all, let’s join to my The Walking Pest tour and walk with me.

#10 Roaming around the Margaret Island

5 minutes walk from the Parliament building and you can enjoy the charming atmosphere of the Margaret Island, the runners’ paradise. Medieval ruins, Japanese garden, a small zoo and a music fountain are waiting for you to discover. Let’s join to the locals and conquer the green areas of Budapest. 

+ Extra Tipp

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Budapest on foot. Come closer, be a local! See, smell, feel and taste the city with me on my guided walking tours off the beaten tracks.