"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"


There is a wonderful city in the heart of Europe, the capital of Hungary: Budapest. I could tell you countless things why you should plan a trip to Budapest. Honestly, thousands of words cannot describe the beauty of Budapest. Sitting on the river bank watching the colourful sky and the twinkling lights, while the sun sets behind the hilly Buda side, a memory for a lifetime.

This city is a real treasure thanks to its geographical features since there is everything you need on a holiday.

The colourful Pest side

Pest side, as the bustling city center, I would say “where everything happens and everybody goes”. A real 21st century capital with a wonderful 19th century old architecture, busy streets and so many things to see. You can find on this part for example the Heroes’ Square, the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Opera House and the Andrássy Avenue. One of the most popular part of Budapest, the Jewish district with its thousands of secrets is also located there. Do you want to see all this on a private walking tour? Let’s check my The Walking Pest tour, which was created especially for first-time visitors. It is a good choice to really get your bearings in Budapest. After visiting the famous sights, it is time to jump into the Downtown. My Pest Side Stories tour gives you the chance to see Budapest from the locals’ perspective off the beaten tourist tracks.

The fairy tale Buda side

Buda side is different, like time has stopped a bit. One of the oldest historical parts of Budapest, the Castle District is like a fairy tale with its romantic cobblestoned streets, a place that is a must see while roaming around Budapest. Buda side offers a wide range of activities but visiting one of the thermal baths is definitely a must. If you would like to delve deeper among the historical walls, my Game of Crowns tour was created for you.

The breathtaking view

I have travelled around Europe but I still believe, that Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. Believe me or not, in the middle of the city you will find the real treasure: river Danube (in Hungarian “Duna”). The panorama is breathtaking, like a gorgeous painting, so elegant. This view is a number one and protected by UNESCO as well since 1987. If you are short on time and there is only one thing you can put onto your to do list, let it be the riverbank. Just walk along the river and let this magical view charm you.

What do I love about Budapest?

As a tour guide “working” in this lovely city for years I am still impressed by Budapest. I know I should be really objective, but I am deeply in love with my city. I love the rythm of the city, the people, the places, the food, everything. Even as a young lady, there is nothing to worry about, Budapest is safe.

Do you know what I love about it the most? The diversity of the city. Every single time I just roam around I still find something new, the city has so many faces. Secret gardens, narrow alleyways, funny sculptures, breathtaking architecture, urban legends and a more than a thousand years long history is waiting for you on every corner.

If you are open-minded enough Budapest will stick to your heart and I promise once you visit it, you will never forget.